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February 10, 2014
Virgil wants to preserve our State Constitution
(Cambridge, WI) –
Terry Virgil vows to continue to go the distance by running for Wisconsin SOS. “Wisconsin's too important not to run.”
“The People of Wisconsin deserve to consider every qualified candidate applying for the position of Secretary of State. I'm submitting my resume along with Secretary of State Doug La Follette, Mr. Bill Folk, Mr. Julian Bradley, Mr. Rohn Bishop and Mr. Jay Schroeder to choose their next Secretary of State.”
Every election is an application process. “I’m applying for a job. Every person I meet is another interview based on my resume and qualifications.”
Virgil believes true commitment, honesty and excellence are qualities necessary for the job. Virgil also added, “The Secretary of State is someone who represents every one of the 5.7 million residents who live in this state and I'm one of them. I'm a family member, neighbor and friend. I'll be there for you all of the time, not just in times of need. The Secretary of State does just that, represents the State.”
Virgil isn’t a stranger when it comes to campaigning. “I’ve gone through this before, says Virgil. In 2010, I applied for the Governor and Lt. Governor positions and in 2012, I applied for the State Senator in the recalls and State Assembly.” I vowed to go the distance then and I’m vowing to go now.”
Virgil chose the Libertarian Party because Libertarianism means “total freedom to own property or business and regulate it yourself according to the Constitution“. Property is a very valuable asset to its owner and should be respected. Virgil stated, “I’m a property owner myself and know firsthand the difficulties of property ownership. We should be able to sleep at night knowing we will still be in our homes in the morning, especially for our farmers.”
In February 2014, Virgil decided to run for Secretary of State. “I plan to keep our State Legislators and Governor accountable. Once legislature is passed, it needs to be constitutionally enforced. With my background in Wisconsin Constitution Law, I'll be able to maintain the enforcement of the official acts of the Legislature and Governor.”
Virgil added, “In light of our current federal situation with the Obama Administration, I'll protect the State of Wisconsin from violations like those occurring in the White House. ”
Virgil served in the U.S. Marine Corps., participated in FFA, worked as a conductor for the Canadian Pacific Railroad and is currently pursuing a law degree emphasizing in Constitutional Law. He is a native of Fort Atkinson. Virgil is involved with a local mentoring program for at-risk teens and works with the VA in Madison assisting Vets with legal assistance.
Details about the Office of the Secretary of State can be found at this link: Wisconsin Secretary of State Homepage
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